Hyper-Evolution. A New Theory of Evolution: The Untold Story


It’s radically different from what you were taught. It leaps forward in just a few generations, not thousands. Discover how DNA holds the secret to a radical new wave of technologies and advances in Computer Science.

perry-main   Hi, my name is Perry Marshall, I’m author of an Ethernet book and dozens of white papers and articles about digital communication.

In June 2005 I gave a lecture called “If you can read this, I can prove God exists.” It applies information technology to some of the murkiest questions in biology, revealing a hyper-speed mechanism in evolution and demolishing the materialistic bias of atheism.

Today, this talk is one of the most hotly debated science presentations on the entire Internet.

Now you can eavesdrop on the intense discussions, and discover a new approach to the two most fundamental questions in science: If evolution happens, how does it happen? And where did the information in DNA come from?  

In this email series you’ll discover:

  • Hyper-Evolution: Leaps forward at breathtaking speed. What was previously thought to take millions of years executes in a handful of generations. The Cambrian Explosion – where hundreds of new species suddenly emerge 540 million years ago – is now explained with hard science.
  • A completely NEW framework for understanding the entire evolution question – and some very surprising information. You’ll ask: “How come they never told me about this in biology class???” (This model won the Nobel Prize for Science in 1983 but the findings have been largely kept secret.)
  • The most famous, passionately argued, longest-running debate on the largest atheist discussion forum in the world (Infidels. 124,171 page views. 1395 posts. I’m outnumbered 20:1, everyone from casual bystanders to post-docs in microbiology. Battle’s been raging for 4 years now. They can’t punch a single hole in this argument. See for yourself… those guys are mad)
  • Irrefutable evidence for design and the strongest evidence yet against belief in “materialism.” After you watch this, you’ll see that we are literally immersed in natural genetic engineering, 24/7/365.
  • The surprising reaction I got when I presented this new theory to 120 communications engineers at Bell Labs
  • Why neither Darwinism NOR Intelligent Design are legitimate Scientific Theories (Hint: Science by definition is the study of systematic processes. Neither theory measures up to the standard of science.)
  • Bold new directions for science, technology and artificial intelligence
  • A place to discuss and post your own questions

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Perry S. Marshall