Philipp von Boeselager

Boeselager was one of eight Wehrmacht officers who planned to shoot Hitler and the head of the SS, Heinrich Himmler, on a visit to the eastern front in March 1943, but the plot was called off in Himmler’s absence.

In July 1944 Boeselager and his brother Georg were among 200 men and women involved in a second assassination attempt when a bomb was planted under a table in Hitler’s eastern headquarters in East Prussia, now part of Poland, known as the Wolf’s Lair.

In old age he confessed still to having nightmares about the conspiracy, and counselled young people against political apathy. He carried a cyanide capsule with him until the end of the war, and for the rest of his life kept the Walther PP pistol with which he had planned to shoot Hitler.

Boeselager never met Stauffenberg himself, saying that it would have been too dangerous for them to speak with one another.

„I saw him a couple of times, and we shared a nod and a wink with one another, but never said one word,” Boeselager said. „Not even ‘good day’.”

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