Truth about “The Mosque at Ground Zero,”Law, and Healing Our Country’s 9/11 Wound

My friend Charles Strohmer wrote lately about the subject. I’m sure you’ll find his thoughts very interesting. You can read the whole article

What would wisdom do? To arrive at the second answer will mean first forging a connection that has been overlooked, so bear with me while I try. The firestorm over Cordoba House, the proposed Islamic-run community center in the third block north of ground zero, has unexpectedly revealed that we as a country have not yet had the most agonizing yet most inescapable national conversation about 9/11 that we must have. And that is about healing our collective wound from that day. America went to war instead. It has remained at war for nearly a decade. And war is hell, not healing. The necessity to heal our 9/11 wound has now become imperative. Barring that path to healing, we let our wound fester and irritate, and we keep responding from that.

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