Arca lui Noe redivivas

Nu contează că unii au ambiţie, credinţă sau bani. Contează că sunt originali. Un tip din Olanda a hotărît să construiască o arcă. Aici găsiţi şi sursa:

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unrattled_snake Wed Jun 22, 2011 05:23 pm PDT Report Abuse

Don’t let the Somali pirates see it.

3,000 years from now, this guy is going to really disappoint the archaeologist who thinks he found the real Noah’sArk.

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Truly impressive. whether you choose to believe in biblical stories or not, this is an amazing undertaking. The craftsmanship involved, handling board by board, the joinery, it’s sheer size, among many other things. If it floats or not this thing is true beauty and I for one, would love to see it first hand.

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Wow! Something that isn’t made inChina.

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Very nice but I hope he didn’t gather two termites

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great job i love it

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Awesome! I’d love to ride in it.

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I would soo love to see the ship come to The United States. I would pay money to walk on board!

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All I can say is: all the power to you. That is an amazing effort! Can you imagine the motivation, time, effort and money that this took? Wow…

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