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Rachel Held Evans | Why I don’t give parenting advice.

I would like to suggest that this is sobering text is a MUST READ for every person struggling to be a good parent for their children.

Here is a quote:

‘All I can offer as a fellow parent working it out every day is a little perspective. I can remind us both that we can’t force our kids to make good choices but we can teach them how. I can remind us that we can’t keep our kids safe – after all, my daughter died in her own bed in our home. I can’t think of a safer place than that. I can remind us both that each one of our children is unique and different and will require us to work differently with them than with the others. That has nothing to do with fairness; it has everything to…

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In fine cineva care are si un pic de curaj in lumea occidentala. Reactia impotriva sa, asa cum o banuiam. Oare nimic nu le mai da de gindit unora?


An Academic Auto-da-Fé – The Chronicle Review – The Chronicle of Higher Education.

Christian Smith on Mark Regnerus being bullied in the academic world (oh, the disgusting manners of political correctness – ‘American communism’, as someone called it) for publishing the results of a research which appears to argue that children of homosexual couples have more psychological problems that children growing on normal (heterosexual) families.

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