Adevărl strică socotelile unora, chiar a statului. Ca urmare statele mint. Sau oamenii?


Church and state cannot deal with free people… A self protective system is asking whether you are a company person, not whether you are a kingdom person.

Comment – This is a tough issue. No surprise Luther felt compelled to postulate his dualistic understanding of the Christian being pulled simultaneously (kind of like standing on two boats, each going in a different direction). No need to insist on the anomalies that this understanding has created in earlier of more recent history (ex. the support given by many German Lutherans to the Nazi regime; or that of most Polish Baptists to the communist regime, in their fight against the common ‘enemy’, the Catholics). In reality, our dual citizenship (earthly and heavenly) puts us in an impossible situation, in eclesial terms, as well as in our professional life, a dilemma that the dualistic mind cannot solve. Only a non-dualistic mindset, inclined to…

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