A word from a friend…

The Great Omission (Heresy at its best with good intentions as it’s base!)

The marching orders for missionaries and every Christian is Matthew 28:19. What would you think if missionaries, churches, and mission sending organizations translated their marching orders as follows?

Turkish translation (Mt. 28:19): „Simdi butun milletlere gidin and bana murit yetistirin ve Mevla, Vekili, ve Mukkades Ruh adina onlara tovbe abdesti aldrin.”
Translated into English this says, „Now go into all nations teaching them and making them follow the ritual washing of repentance in the name of the Maker, His Representative, and Holy Spirit.” Wycliffe Bible Translators (Summer Institute of Linguistics-SIL), Frontiers mission sending agency and those associated are responsible for this translation. This translation denies out right the Everlasting Fatherhood of God and the Sonship of Jesus Christ. Hence, Trinitarian Christianity is categorically denied.

Furthermore, in the place of believers’ baptism, which symbolizes the death, burial, and resurrection of our Lord Jesus, self-justifying ritual washing is used (google-abdest guide). This is a blatant symbolic denial and substitution of justification by grace through faith with an Islamic ritualistic self-washing in seeking to be accepted by God. These folks may be „inside” the Mosque but are outside Christianity.

For Baptists, our predecessors the Anabaptists lived a little over a year before martyrdom after
they professed and proclaimed the Baptist distinctive of believers’ baptism. Does no one have convictions anymore? Why did this happen? These missionaries follow a „dynamic/functional equivalent” translation of the Bible. This approach lets culture and context determine the meaning of the text instead of the God’s words themselves. Everything then becomes man’s words and culturally relative.

This is a grave error since all cultures are only representative of the sinful, fallen people in them and can never be absolutely authoritative. There must be a „formal equivalent” translation of the Bible in obedience and honor to God’s literal words. As one country preacher who didn’t have the Gospel educated out of him said, „What do it say?”

An example is our own English language Bible. When missionaries took the Gospel to pagan, wild England so many were converted that the literal language of the Bible entered into our vocabulary (i.e. Apple of my eye. -Proverbs 7:2) even though the general populace did not know the expressions were biblical. The Gospel is not a cultural perspective among other perspectives, but The Perspective/Truth. The Gospel is not a worldview to be debated in the realm of stimulating ideas or concepts, but to be urgently proclaimed as the only way to have a relationship with a holy God. As far as Middle eastern analogies go, do not let a camel get his nose in the tent or there will not be room for anything or anyone else, including The Father and The Son.

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