8 Popular Wedding Songs That Really Shouldn’t Be Played At Weddings

Nuntă americănească… cu interdicții

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I’ve reached the age when everyone around me is getting married, making me a seasoned wedding attendee. But even before I attend weddings as a guest, I’ve been singing and emcee-ing at several weddings.

While I wouldn’t call it a peeve, I’d often sneak a chuckle at poorly-selected songs (if I were an attendee) or advise my client to choose another song if they have picked, what I call, a boo-boo song.

Many couples pick boo-boo songs because they thought that: If it sounds romantic, it must be romantic. I know not all guests pay attention to music, but I think lyrics count a lot – if not more than melody – when it comes to the wedding song list. After all, the repertoire is supposed to form part of your wedding memories. I know they do for me.

So here’s the list of songs that couples love to choose for their weddings…

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