The Cradle Fund: Helpless No More

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Seiple, Moore & Patriarchs meet formally with King Abdullah IIThree months ago I spent an evening with a dozen Christian friends in a home near Knoxville, Tennessee for dinner and conversation. We spent part of the time talking about the plight of the two-thousand-year-old Christian communities in Iraq and Syria that have been deliberately devastated by the so-called Islamic State (ISIS militants), who are trying to eradicate the presence of Christians and other religious groups who do not submit to them.

As we talked about the staggering changes of life that have been forced on literally millions of families – many our Christian brothers and sisters – we realized we should help them. But then we got stuck. While trying to think of practical ways to reach out to them we were overwhelmed by a great sense of helplessness. “I even feel helpless in my prayers for them,” one guy admitted.

That got to me, and for weeks afterward I…

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De Alexandru Nădăban Publicat în 2014

2 comentarii la “The Cradle Fund: Helpless No More

  1. Alexandru, thx very much for including this post on your blog. Much appreciated. I can’t say enough good things about the Cradle Fund, so I hope many people will choose to support this worth initiative to help displaced Christian families in the Middle East, whether though donations or their prayers. Keep up your good work. Blessings, C.

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