Snapshots: A Day-in-the-Life of Iraq’s Religious Refugees

Waging Wisdom

Chris Seiple with refugee children in Bekaa ValleyThey miss their homes, their village churches, and the life they had in their communities. They fled ISIS, but they can’t flee the winter. They are cold and holed up in abandoned building or small tents. Many are stuck in makeshift quarters so small that tensions can run high among families with nothing to do and no schools for the kids.

That’s just part of Chris Seiple’s firsthand, snapshot look at winter life setting in for religious refugees in Northern Iraq, where he and his team recently met with many now-displaced families who have fled ISIS, mostly Christians but also other religious minorities and Muslims as well.

Chris is the president of the Institute for Global Engagement and, like many others, I’ve followed his recent trip, whose mission further assessed the tragedy on the ground and delivered goods and hope from the Cradle of Christianity Fund. Some families I visited…

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