My name is Khan

The movie also focuses on universal brotherhood, but we as Muslims do not believe in it. Our beliefs encourage us to live peacefully together with poeple of other religions, not to attack them, not to attack their temples, churches etc. , but it does not tell us to be brothers with those who kill Muslims, who kill thousands of innocent Muslims to revenge some criminals of the state. If brotherhood is to be established, Muslims have a greater right to be a Muslim’s brother.

Coffee and the Bean Bag

Recently released “My name is Khan” is a Shahrukh Khan starrer , directed by Karan Johar focuses on the plight of Muslims in the world after the infamous 9/11. The story is beautiful, with SRK playing “Rizwan Khan” an autistic adult and thus someone who does not have the capability to hide his true feelings towards anyone.  Kajol plays his wife “Mandira”, a hindu woman from India who has a soccer loving son “Sameer” from a previous abusive marriage. Rizwan and Kajol meet in USA and get married.

The little family gels together well and faces a crisis when Sameer is killed by some teenaged boys after the 9/11 incident. Sameer is killed because he has a Muslim father and the surname “Khan”. Mandira, hurt and angry on the brutal death of her son, tells Rizwan to go and tell the world that he is not a terrorist nor was…

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By Alexandru Nădăban Posted in 2014

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