Shalom, the Grace of God, and You

Waging Wisdom

giftI have written a number of posts on this blog about the vision of shalom as “well-being,” or “flourishing,” and the vital role that the wisdom of God plays in our activities to make that  vision real in this world, in small or large ways. See this post, for instance. Having looked at this a great deal, I am coming to the conclusion that an ontological marriage exists between God’s wisdom and his shalom, and that the separation, never mind the divorce, of the two in our thinking results in strivings after well-being that resemble worldly patterns more consistently than they do God-envisioned ones. Here I want to consider the equally inseparable relationship of shalom to the biblical theme of grace as “well-being.”

In the early 1990s, I was playing around with some ideas about the grace of God that ended up in a little book, first published…

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