Irreconcilable Religious Differences: No Need for Conflict

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Waging Wisdom

Arab and Jewish lads“We need to be bold to contend with [Muslims] about our disagreements as to what the Bible teaches and as to why we ought to live to obey God.”

That line from Jim Skillen’s interview about core differences between the modern-day spread of Islam and Christianity prompted this significant comment from a friend: “I have not heard anyone express the concept of relationship with the Muslim belief as he has. So often we hear that we should ‘turn the other cheek,’ or ‘live and let live. While [Skillen] stops short of militant reaction in the narrative, he does say to remain firm in the faith. I like it, and have a better understanding.”

I was going to reply to that comment in the comments’ area at the end of the interview, but instead, I want to do it here in a post, where there is enough space to do justice…

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De Alexandru Nădăban Publicat în 2014

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