The Pain of the Victim: Extending the Reach of Gospel

Mă gîndeam că dincolo de durerea victimei, ne-ar durea dacă am suferi ca alții să ajungă la Cristos? Mă tot întreb cum de unii preferă să-i omoare pe cei ce ar trebui mîntuiți în loc să sufere pentru ei. Pentru o răsplată.

Waging Wisdom

The Confession: Frank DickseeIn the previous post I told a personal story about the healing potential of a public apology from a Christian to a nonChristian. I didn’t realize how deeply that story was going to resonate with readers. As they responded with stories of their own, I thought that it might be worthwhile today to share a thought about why I see that kind of apology as a missing jewel in Christianity.

It’s a blind spot that we have, theologically. Christian doctrines of sin and salvation are big on the moral agency of the sinner and his or her standing before God as guilty, and our pulpits ensure that we get this. It’s a good thing. If we are unwilling to accept that we are sinners, we never make it to the first step of salvation. So far, so good.

But we have an “I-me-mine” problem. If our pulpits are only pounding…

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By Alexandru Nădăban Posted in 2014

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