Conversation with Chris Seiple: A Rare Look Inside the Hidden World of Relational Diplomacy

Waging Wisdom

The Farthest Mosque JerusalemEnergetic, articulate, and biblically literate, Chris Seiple, the President of the Institute of Global Engagement, travels widely as a relational diplomat. In this exclusive interview for, Chris draws on personal experiences to describe the world of relational diplomacy and, with a heart-on-sleeve vulnerability, he talks in-depth about working through tough challenges to remarkable breakthroughs in the Middle East. People who are puzzled about why it is taking so long to get to the kind of meeting of minds that can end adversarial relations and conflict will, I think, be especially helped. The wealth of wisdom Chris shares also has clear practical meaning for people like you and me who try our level best to be wisely peaceable in our own communities and nations, amid situations where fresh insight is always welcome to help us improve our listening and learning from others.

This extended conversation covered many…

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By Alexandru Nădăban Posted in 2014

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