America’s Quest for Happiness

Fericirea și iarăși fericirea. Cînd te gîndești că un copil este fericit mi tot timpul datorită unor motiv puerile. De cele mai multe ori noi nu mai ne dăm seama că fericirea există decît după ce-am pierdut-o…

Waging Wisdom

little girl with balloon 2

“Happiness is desired by all; and moments of it are probably attained by most. Only moments of it can be attained because happiness is the inner concomitant of neat harmonies of body, spirit and society; and these neat harmonies are bound to be infrequent. There is no simple harmony between our ambitions and achievements because our ambitions tend to outrun achievements….

“There are no simple congruities in life or history. The cult of happiness erroneously assumes them. It is possible to soften the incongruities of life endlessly by the scientific conquest of nature’s caprices, and the social and political triumph over historic injustice. But all such strategies cannot finally overcome the fragmentary character of human existence. The final wisdom of life requires, not the annulment of incongruity but the achievement of serenity within and above it.

“The irony of America’s quest for happiness lies in the fact that she succeeded…

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By Alexandru Nădăban Posted in 2014

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