Se va arăta ca fulgerul…

You will come as a lightning
The country will have feast
The sea, the earth and the sky
In your light
I will wear white clothes
To touch you again
You light and, my heart, me
How much I love you

King of Kings Help the King
Mercy, mercy, God, of Heaven
Constantine Dragases Palaiologos
By the grace of God Emperor of Romans
In the Gate of Saint Romanus
Astride on his whitelegged mare
Four Betas, mercy, mercy, Marmaras
Bosphorus and Black Tuesday
Shiver, sun, groan, earth
The City has fallen, the City has fallen
The Queen of Cities, golden gate
And Porphyrogenitus in the Red Apple-tree
The city was the sabre, the city spear
The city was the key of the entire Roman Empire
Fall silent, Mother of God and don’t cry much
Again with years and times will be Yours

In the Gate of Saint Romanus
You went away to another place
And an angel will bring you here
In right time
Inside the Hagia Sophia
We will find each other again on future liturgy
Greeks together