Rewriting history

După atâtea mistificări, istoria mai suportă una. Adevărul și dreptatea umblă cu capul spart.

Weapons and Warfare

ROA Armour cheered by citizens of Prague

Prague’s World War II commemorations, as usual, all but left out a band of heroes who saved the city

By Stephen Weeks
For The Prague Post
May 19, 2005

„Good progress, this year” said a colleague at Czech TV who had been monitoring the Czech press and TV coverage of the V-E Day celebrations — also 60 years after the fall of Nazi Prague — for references to the Russian Liberation Army, the ROA, aka „Vlasov’s army” after its leader, the renegade former Soviet general whose troops turned on their Nazi sponsors and made possible the liberation of Prague without the massive bloodbath and destruction that would have undoubtedly happened otherwise.

Vlasov was a controversial figure and his army a dangerous political tightrope-walking act. His role in May 1945 got a few mentions this year — the first time ever, but not one…

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