ProDeum – Crestinul clasic contemporan, primul episod


Am primit din partea grupului Prodeum, prin intermediul domnului pastor Cristian Maxinesi din Frankfurt, Germania, invitatia de a contribui, alaturi de altii la proiectul ‘Crestinul clasic contemporan’.

Muzica si teologia au fost mereu ingemanate de-a lungul istoriei. Speram ca ele sa faca casa buna si cu aceasta ocazie.


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Why the Experts Need the Intelligent Amateurs

Charles Strohmer on diversity in the church

Waging Wisdom

“For the task [of] developing an authentic biblical wisdom among the people of God in this generation, we need in particular two kinds of Christians in our churches. One kind will be what rather hesitantly we might call the experts, those called to work in a particular area of life. It may be what they do for a livelihood, and often it is. But in this rather odd fallen world it may be a spare time activity. These people develop expertise by a certain degree of concentration and specialization. They are likely to be experts in only one field, and so in other respects they will be no better off than the rest of us. They tend either to become leaders and spokespersons in particular aspects of life or to provide resources for leaders and spokespersons.

“Besides the experts, we need the intelligent amateurs. These people are ordinary, average Christians…

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