She’s OUT: Why I’m leaving the cult of wokeness


If there’s one thing I’m NOT afraid of, it’s being ‘cancelled’.

​If being cancelled means me living in integrity as a human being who thinks for themselves, CANCEL ME TODAY!

I repeat; I am not afraid.
​What I’m truly afraid of is existing in a world that forces me to submit to an ideology without question, otherwise I’m to be shamed (or pressured to shame myself) and cast out of the community.​

A world that tells me that because I inhabit a black body; I will forever be oppressed and at the mercy of some omnipresent monster called ‘whiteness’.​

That because of the colour of my skin; I am a victim of an inherently racist system by default – and me rejecting the narrative of oppression means that I am in fact, in denial.​

How empowering!​


I’m considering producing and hosting a limited podcast series that specifically talks about these themes. Don’t worry, my existing podcastBeyond the Selfwon’t be going anywhere! In the meantime; you can find me on Instagram if we’re not already connected.​

Although my work as a Mindset Coach, Speaker, and Consultant has nothing to do with social justice, cancel culture, wokeness etc – this is something I’ll continue to speak about because it directly speaks to 2 of my biggest areas of focus, which in this case are collective self-sabotage and psychological manipulation.​

I encourage you to break out of any echo chambers (especially on social media) and explore yourself BEYOND your race, your pronouns, your genitals, your sexuality, your physical capabilities, your politics – those things have their place but there is so much more to you.​

And in fact, when you do go beyond those neatly prescribed boxes, you become more secure within your identity. I urge you to unsubscribe to anyone and anything that is stripping you of your humanity, your agency, and is proving to be detrimental to your mental wellbeing.​

You deserve better, let’s never stop speaking up!​

Love always,


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