Un protestant născut prea devreme?

In 1555 Castellion published a translation of the Bible, Old and New Testaments, following principles that at the time were revolutionary. First, he acknowledged the ambiguity of some passages, and the possibility of understanding them in diverse ways. He used familiar language in order to be understood by uneducated people. His translation shocked because the usage of very vernacular expressions was considered unworthy of the grandeur of the Bible. Nowadays modern translations of the Bible in everyday French take up Castellion’s plan.

Sebastian Castellan, Conseil à la France désolée :

“Je trouve que la principale et efficiente cause de tes maladies, c’est-à-dire de la sédition et guerre qui te tourmentent, est forcement des consciences.”

(I think the main and efficient cause of your illness, notably the sedition and war that torment you, is that of your own conscience.)