The Idiot’s Guide to the Iran Nuclear Deal

Waging Wisdom

Iran nuclear facility at ArakWe don’t live in a perfect world, and the Iran nuclear agreement is not a perfect deal. There’s also an old principle in negotiations that goes something like this: People who are not at the table think they are better negotiators than those around the table. We’ve been hearing that posturing in the news about the agreement, and on talk radio. Of course the deal deserves to be debated, and honest people are going to disagree about it. Fortunately, with the signing of the agreement (July 14), its details can be found on the Web, and U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, and others who have actually been at the table, are now out and about everywhere explaining the deal.

As someone who has been writing about U.S. – Middle East relations for many years, and who believes that diplomacy is better than weapons of war, here are seven reasons…

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Un comentariu la “The Idiot’s Guide to the Iran Nuclear Deal

  1. Ideologia, bat-o vina 🙂 …
    E trist, dar asta e realitatea: americanii, pe masura ce se scolesc si se informeaza, devin to mai polarizati ideologic. Crestinii, fie ca-s reali sau nominali, nu fac exceptie. Ignorantii, prostimea cu drept de vot, low-information voters, etc. – ei cred ceea ce le spune partidul (Republican sau Democrat) si nu prea se omoara cu detaliile. Precum alte ‘hot issues’ (gay marriage, global warming, Israelul, etc.) dezbatute aprins pe plaiurile noastre – cele americane, nu mioritice – si chestia cu Iranul e vazuta si transata diferit… adica in functie de lentilele ideologice ale fiecaruia. Vom cauta – si vom gasi – suficiente dovezi pentru a convinge pe altii ca noi avem dreptate. Bineinteles ca un judecator drept, inainte de a da un verdict va asculta atit acuzarea cit si apararea…
    So, for fairness sake, iata si alte pareri despre subiectul in cauza:

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